Porsche Boxster/Cayman overview

Alloy wheels for Porsche Boxster/Cayman (987)

Original rims for the Porsche Boxster/Cayman (987)

Ever since Porsche presented the Boxster as successor to James Dean’s legendary 550 "Spyder" in 1996, the open mid-engine sports car is an inherent part of the Porsche family. The Porsche designers were inspired by the model from the 1950s for the success formula: a lightweight body, few gimmicks but a lot of power provide maximum driving pleasure. With the second generation at the latest, the Boxster 987 which is available since 2004, the two-seater from Zuffenhausen conquered the hearts of the Roadster fans. With power of up to 320 hp for the Boxster Spyder and a top speed of nearly 300 km/h, open air enthusiasts get their money’s worth. However, those who prefer to enjoy the speed closed, can do it with the Porsche Cayman 987c coupé version since 2005. Apart from their power, both model variants are known for their exciting design. For fans, the original Porsche rims are considered as indispensable feature.

Buying Porsche 987 rims for Boxster and Cayman

From the aerodynamics up to the design, the original Porsche Boxster 987 rims as well as the Porsche Cayman 987 rims are perfectly matched to the respective sports car. The golden Porsche emblem with the horse in the middle that decorates the hub of every rim is unmistakable. In most cases, the production of the rim models is done by the Stuttgart luxury manufacturer itself. This guarantees a maximum of quality and due to the production from one source, wheels that fit the car to the exact millimeter. Additionally, numerous Porsche rims for the series 987 are not milled or cast but forged with great effort which makes them especially long-living. These benefits make Porsche wheels highly sought-after objects. With us you buy Porsche 987 rims in tested quality! Find the suitable wheel design for your sports car now!

Complete wheels for your Porsche Boxster 987 and Cayman 987

Upon request, we can provide you with complete wheels for the Boxster or Cayman in the usual Porsche quality. We offer you rims with summer or winter tires for your Porsche Boxster 987 in 18 to 20-inch sizes.

We check every rim individually by hand to ensure its perfect condition. As a result, we can grant you a 12-month warranty on all our alloy rims, aluminum rims, wheels, and wheel sets. Upon request, we would be pleased to send you a photo of the original part number in advance.

For deliveries within Germany, we do not charge any shipping costs. However, we also ship to Europe and all over the world. In the CW Performance Wheels online shop, you can easily and quickly pay for your new Porsche Cayman or Boxster rims with PayPal, credit card, purchase on account, cash on delivery or advance payment. In case of collection on site, we also accept cash payment.

Do you want to know which rim is the best for your Porsche model? Then give us a call (phone:038316677111) or write us a mail info@performance-wheels.de and we will find the perfect Boxster or Cayman 987 rims for you!

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