Porsche Boxster/Cayman overview

Alloy wheels for Porsche Boxster/Cayman (981)

Original Porsche Boxster and Cayman 981 rims in many designs and sizes

More power, less weight – this is the simple Porsche formula for pure driving pleasure. The sports car manufacturer allowed himself four years before he presented the now third generation of the popular Roadster with the Porsche Boxster 981 in 2012. Due to the new aluminum hybrid design, the two-seater from Zuffenhausen lost 55 kilograms of weight. At the same time, it increased by 6 centimeters in terms of the wheelbase. A redesigned chassis, around 7 kW more power, and various improvements in detail ensure a driving experience that makes the hearts of the Porsche fans beat in time with the naturally aspirated six-cylinder engine. Porsche also refined the design of the Roadster in the third generation. The most striking features are the new air inlets on the sides and the flowing lines that meet at the rear of the wind deflection and a series of new Porsche 981 rims.

Original rims for Porsche Cayman and Boxster 981

For hp fans who want more power and a tighter setting, the Boxster S (315 hp) is available since 2012 and the Boxster GTS (330 HP) since 2014. However, the highlight of the third model generation is the Boxster Spyder, available since 2015. Without air conditioning and other extras, it is oriented towards the sports car purist which prefers to drive the Nordschleife at a speed of 300 km/h. With 375 hp and a torque of 420 Nm, it is by far the strongest Boxster – and the last of its kind with a naturally aspirated engine. For those in favor of a closed roof, Porsche refabricated the Cayman at the end of 2012. Just as the open Boxster, it is available as a sporty Cayman S, Cayman GTS and – since 2015 – also as a Cayman GT4 with a 3.8-liter boxer engine and outshines its predecessor with regard to aggressive design. An accessory which additionally underlines the sporty design of a Porsche are aluminum wheels. Whether Boxster or Cayman – it is important that the rims are original and match the respective model. True fans of the brand do not attach anything else to the axle. And there is a good reason for this: all Boxster or Cayman 981 rims manufactured by Porsche meet the highest quality requirements and are oriented towards the powerful cars, from the design to the selection of the material. As an expert for Porsche wheels, we are, among other things, specialized in Cayman and Boxster 981 rims and offer you a large selection of original wheels at reasonable prices in our shop.

Original Boxster and Cayman 981 wheels - also as complete wheels

From discreet to thoroughly sporty - with our Porsche 981 rims you have the choice between different sizes and designs. Are you looking for a rim that gives your Boxster S, GTS or Spyder a real racing look? For this purpose, the Porsche Carrera S III original 20 inch wheels are just right. Your Cayman GT4 with the original Sport Techno II wheel from Porsche looks a little more discreet but no less exciting - a real classic and eye-catcher.

Of course we can supply all Porsche 981 wheels as a complete wheel set with summer and winter tyres on request. And all this at a fair overall price that will make your choice easier. Make no compromises and equip your third generation Boxster or Cayman with original Porsche wheels. Only these have the original hub cap with the Porsche emblem.

Are you unsure which wheel fits your car best? Call us (0 38 31 - 66 77 111) or write us an e-mail (info@performance-wheels.de) and we will find the optimal wheels for you!

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