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  • Porsche Boxster/Cayman Boxster/­Cayman
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    • Boxster/Cayman (981)
    • Boxster/Cayman (982)
  • Porsche 911 911
  • Porsche Panamera Panamera
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    • Panamera (970)
    • Panamera (971)
  • Porsche Taycan Taycan
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  • Porsche Macan Macan
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  • Porsche Cayenne Cayenne
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    • Cayenne 9Y0

Original tyres for

Porsche Carrera, Cayenne, Macan, Panamera, Boxster/Cayman, 911 & Co.

The principle of Porsche is alive. And with it the dream of a perfect sports car. This includes original Porsche rims which you can reliably purchase from us at CW Performance Wheels as new goods or used for many years. We exclusively have real Porsche tires, wheels, and original aluminum rims – and no replica rims. We will be pleased to give you more detailed advice on wheel sets for summer tires and winter tires and to send you photos with the original part number. We are available for you around the clock by phone (0 38 31 - 66 77 111) or by mail (info@performance-wheels.de).

Porsche rims from CW Performance Wheels – your benefits

  • Exclusively original Porsche rims with part number
  • Years of experience and best prices
  • Personal and detailed advice
  • The rims are technically tested: 100-day right to withdraw
  • Free shipping in GER – 24h express delivery possible

Our range includes rims, wheel sets, tires, and wheels for all Porsche models: from the Cayenne (9PA & 92A) and the Macan to the Panamera (970 & 971) up to the Boxster, the Cayman (987, 982 & 981) and the 911 (997 & 991). Due to our exclusive dealer network, we can offer you new goods as well as well-preserved original used rims at an unbeatable price. We are also pleased to accept your used wheels including summer tires and winter tires as a trade-in.

We share the love and passion for Porsche with our loyal customers – the perhaps most legendary manufacturer for sporty cars. Porsche convinces with tradition, innovation, the uniquely typical design and the incredible performance of the individual models. The dream of a perfect sports car drives us, just as Ferdinand Anton Ernst Porsche, or Ferry, for short, „In the beginning, I looked around, but I could not find quite the car I dreamed of: a small, light sports car that uses the energy efficiently. So I decided to build it myself.“

Passion for Porsche rims: each rim individually checked by hand

All Porsche rims are individually checked by us. Accordingly, we offer you a one-year guarantee on all wheel sets. Benefit from our free shipping. When things have to happen in a hurry, we deliver by express shipment within just 24 hours. For many years, we do not only supply customers in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland with our Porsche rims, but all over the world.

You can order most of our real Porsche rims in the following colors and paintings: platinum, silver, black, matt black, high gloss black, polished, diamond cut, silver border, two-colored, multi- colored, silky gloss, platinum silver, bi-color. Just give us a call – thanks to our excellent network, we are sure to find the painting of your dreams for the Porsche summer wheels or winter wheels.

Buy 18, 19, 20, and 21-inch Porsche rims at a reasonable price & online in the shop

Depending on the model (911, Boxster, Cayman, Cayenne, Macan & Panamera), we offer 18-inch, 19-inch, 20-inch, and 21-inch Porsche rims. For a Porsche, it is important to only put on original rims, because otherwise, there is a risk of losing the warranty in part or in whole – for example in case of reproduction, replica or external brands.

Apart from Porsche alloy rims and tires (summer tires & winter tires), we also offer an extensive range of accessories. This includes, among other things, wheel studs, hub caps, and TPMS sensors (tire pressure sensors).

In our online shop, you can conveniently and safely buy your new Porsche aluminum rims for Cayenne, Panamera, Macan, Boxster or 911 with PayPal, credit card, cash on delivery, purchase on account, or advance payment. In case of collection on site, you are also welcome to pay in cash.

In case of questions, you may gladly call us at CW Performance Wheels at any time!

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